Kitchen hacks – Ginger & Garlic

💡 We thought we’d share some easy ways to help get your kids helping in the kitchen! 💡 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 Ginger & Garlic peeling: 💥Ginger – Instead of using a peeler or even a knife (and loosing a lot of ginger … Read More

Healthy eating – MWM #5

Our mid-week mindful moment comes in the form of what is healthy, and eating with our whole body in mind. 🥑 So many mixed messages out there about health, but with recent news reports highlighting the ever growing reliance on … Read More

Veggie Gobi

💥 One of our go-to quick curry dinners for all the family is this sweet and coconut rich vegetable curry, made here with winter rainbow carrots, courgette, sweet potato and cauliflower.. it’s a fun dish to get the kids involved with … Read More


💗 Heart Beets 💗 Aka Beetroot & buckwheat pancakes – a weekend special in advance of Pancake Day on Tuesday and Valentine’s on Weds! These are protein and nutrient packed thanks to the buckwheat and Beetroot power (golly we love … Read More

Chickpea mini soda breads

🍞 Chickpea mini soda breads 🍞 At yesterday’s after school club up at the Dharma School in Brighton the young chefs whipped up a batch of these tasty mini savoury breads which also happen to be gluten free, dairy free … Read More

The Cooking Process – MWM #4

This week’s mid-week mindfulness is about process and allowing yourself slow down. ⏳ You may regularly feel time poor and rush to get meals ready for you and your family, or rely on quick foods/ready meals to feed yourself … Read More


🥚 Eggpops🥚 Sunday breakfasting this week is a classic and easy recipe to whip up with young chefs. Fun to prep the fillings, practise egg cracking skills and pouring plus they get to choose what they want to go in … Read More

Processed food

💥 We don’t normally post images like this, but after reading this article yesterday we felt compelled to post this pretty shocking stat 🙁 It’s easy in our bubbles of social media (let alone living in Brighton!), seeing images of … Read More