🍫🎁 Our Easter gifting this year is a home made affair..skipping the expensive and plastic packed eggs on offer and instead making these Choco Blobs to give away! ⭐ Such fun to make with kids, you simply need to melt chocolate … Read More

Stop & Sit -MWM #9

Mid-week mindfulness this week is pretty straight forward – stopping and sitting! 🍴 If you’re anything like us, you can find yourself squeezing in food or quick meals while on the go, or else standing leaning against the counter grabbing … Read More

And breathe…MWM #8

And breathe…our Mid-week mindfulness this week sounds so simple and yet can be so easily forgotten. Last week we talked about that we sometimes get so busy we forget to eat at all or we power on through the hunger … Read More

Breakfast Bars

🍌 If you’ve been feeling a bit stuck in a loop with breakfast recently (and let’s face it, we all get like that!), these easy baked chewy bars do the trick especially if eaten alongside a smoothie to start the day! … Read More

Stop & eat! – MWM #7

Our mid-week mindfulness this week comes a little late but serves as a good reminder to us as much as anyone else – especially when we’re in the midst of packing & delivery week (plus some exciting meetings and our … Read More

Listen to your body – MWM #6

Mid-week mindfulness this week comes hot on the tail of the news yesterday about calorie counting and dropping our calorie intake. While we don’t really agree with calorie counting as an effective way to eat healthily, it’s true that we … Read More

Kitchen Hacks – old bread

💡What do you do with old bread or crusts you have leftover from your loaves? 🍞 Our top tip for saving your bread from the bin is to whizz up all crusts and old bread into breadcrumbs, then pop in … Read More

Easy Flatbreads

💥Flat bread brunch!💥 Following a recent cooking club session with the kids where we had fun making garlic butter flat breads, I thought we’d shake up Sunday breakfast today and instead of pancakes make these easy flat breads instead. Kids … Read More