Red Velvet Granola

Weve been busy excavating the crunchiest granola into our bowls this morning, piling it on top of Greek yoghurt and stewed rhubarb (Rhubarb being the seasonal star of our May sweet kit).. ❤️ The twist with this granola is the … Read More

Carrot cake overnight oats

🥕 We’re late to the overnight oats game, preferring a bowl of porridge to the idea of soaked oats during the colder months. But with the recent hot spell and desiring a colder yet filling start to the day we tried … Read More

Spring Pesto

🌱Springtime Pesto is proving to be a hit this week in our house – such a brilliant way to bury veggies in a familiar format.. 🥦💜 In Winter we did Kale and now it’s in season we’ve gone for Purple … Read More

Buckwheat stack & Freezer sauce

🥞 We started off the day with fruit topped Buckwheat pancakes, to bring some bright colour to the grey morning.. ❄️ Continuing on Friday’s post about freezer fruits and veggies, this quick sauce is simple and a delicious way to … Read More

Kitchen hacks – Freezer food

Do you have breakfast smoothies in your house? Maybe like us you kickstart a healthy gut with Kefir whizzed up with fresh colourful fruits & veg – a fun thing to make with kids when they get to choose what … Read More

Silent Eating – MWM #11

Mid-week mindfulness this week is perhaps on the surface of it not so easy..silent eating! 🤐 This has come up now because earlier in the week I had a conversation with a friend explaining what the little brass bell we … Read More

Courgette Chips

Afternoon entertainment today came in the form of one of our favourite quick snack recipes – Courgette Chips! 🍟🥒 (Why is there no courgette emoticon?) Sticking with the chip theme this month (our Foodini Club savoury recipe kit being Polenta … Read More

Unemotional eating – MWM #10

It’s a mid-week mindful moment and this week it’s all about accepting your feelings and emotions but not bringing them to your plate. 😫😭😠 Like anyone, I most definitely struggle to enjoy my food when I’m upset, worried or feeling … Read More

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It’s Purple Sprouting Broccoli time! 🥦 Yes, it’s April and the start of the season of produce and plenty here in the UK.. We particularly 💜 this sprouted broccoli variety and are very lucky to have an abundance after visiting … Read More

Satay noodles (veggie)

🥜 If you’re looking for a tasty veggie packed family supper, these noodles do the trick! Plus the peanut adds that extra protein and unctuous quality that soon fills up little tums… 🍜 Simply choose and prep your favourite veggies … Read More