Foodini Club in nurseries

Foodini Club recipe kits provide an awesome activity and educational opportunity for a nursery group, offering pre-school children a chance to explore tastes, textures and techniques alongside their peers

Our nursery packs are for groups of 3-12 children at a time, including quantities of pre-measured ingredients in eco-friendly packaging to cater for the group size. Using the included recipe cards nursery staff are then equipped with everything needed to guide a group through the ingredients and cooking. Each box also contains Foodini Club containers (along with their own recipe card) for children to take home and share with their families, enabling them to make the recipes again with their parents

Recipes are nut-free using seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables and are available at a frequency that suits whether it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or during holiday clubs

Currently our kits are available for Brighton & Hove nurseries only

Our pre-school kids love Foodini Club – the range of ingredients, taste of the food and packages they get to take home. The pleasure their parents get from hearing the steps that led to the treats is a fantastic add on to our nursery care – Officreche Nursery, Brighton

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Foodini After School Clubs


“Another day, another fabulous recipe! Today they made pesto breadsticks, delish! We are all loving the Foodini Club, and the kids have eaten things they never would have.. mushrooms and avocado! Thank you x” – Amanda (Mum of Foodini Club after school attendees, The Dharma School, Brighton)

Our after school clubs are fun and practical yet also educational, the group learning about seasonal eating and world cuisine in a relaxed environment away from the home, meaning children try exploring new foods alongside their peer group and return home filled with growing confidence towards food. Of course they also pick up cookery skills to dazzle their families with at home – parents will be getting home made fritters for dinner!

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