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FAQs and further information

Foodini Club subscription boxes are delivered direct to your home or workplace once a month via courier service. The box will be left outside your door or in a safe space if you aren’t home. Please let us know if there’s somewhere you would rather the box be left or any extra delivery info.

Deliveries are made on the third Thursday of the month.

We are currently taking subscribers from Brighton & Hove postcodes only. Check this list before you subscribe to see if your home falls into the delivery zone:

We’re busy working on growing our delivery area so stay posted!

To ensure delivery of the same months Foodini Club box, all subscriptions need to be made by the end of the first Sunday of the month (by midnight). This gives us plenty of time to order and pack correct quantities and not waste any precious ingredients!

If you sign up after this day then your first box will be the following month. For example, for July’s box you will need to order before midnight on 2nd July and the box will be delivered on 20th July, but if you sign up on 4th July then your first delivery will be 17th August.

We fully understand the various food intolerances and offer a selection of recipes with options should your child have a diagnosed allergy. Foodini Club kits are packed in an environment that handles gluten, nuts, sesame and occasional dairy so if your child has severe allergies the kits might not be for you. However, we take every care to pack our GF flours and will try to accommodate peanut allergies where possible.

A lot of our recipes are gluten and dairy free, or have optional dairy elements. As you supply the dairy & eggs you have the option of swapping milk/butter for other non-dairy milks and fats, and likewise if vegan you can opt to also replace eggs etc if you wish. Recipes will differ slightly without eggs and with non-dairy elements but we try to develop recipes with alternative dietary choices in mind!

All Foodini Club packaging used for the ingredients is recyclable, and some compostable. A guide to the packaging is sent with your welcome pack, but as a general rule everything can go in your recycling bin or you could wash out and reuse as you see fit!

We have scoured the UK for the best environmentally friendly packaging and feel confident that our packaging is low-impact, because we don’t like extra plastic waste in the bin as much as food waste.

As for the box, we can reuse the box if you can keep it in a good condition until we deliver the next box and pick it up. You can store it flattened at home and simply leave it outside your door on delivery day for us to pick it up. However if you’d prefer to keep the box for storage or craft projects then tick the box when ordering and it’s yours! We’d love you to share your crafting pics with us through email or social media.

NB All one month subscriptions automatically keep the box for an inclusive small added fee

If you need to pause a delivery or change your payment details then you can do this through your customer account. Alternatively contact us and we will take note of your delivery holiday.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription you can do this at any time. Although we will be sad to see you go there are no commitments to joining Foodini Club!

If you have any issues or things you need to talk to us about, don’t hesitate to send us a mail or call us.