How does it work?

It’s as simple as scrambled eggs!

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We pack!

We measure & pack up all the splendid ingredients into in a Foodini Club box


The box is delivered to your home on the third Thursday of the month

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What’s in a box?

Each box contains: 1 or 2 recipe kits plus recipe cards and a bonus free item

At Foodini Club HQ we concoct perfectly delicious recipes using locally sourced and seasonal fruit and veg plus organic/fairtrade flours and dry goods. We use natural sweeteners such as maple or date syrup in small quantities plus the sugars naturally occurring in fruit and vegetables. Dairy items and small quantity cooking oils are not included, allowing you to swap dairy for non-dairy ingredients as required

Every recipe kit contains measured ingredients in recyclable or compostable containers ready to pour and mix into shape, introducing new flavours in a food-waste reducing format (no half used bags of spelt flour to go stale in your cupboard!)

Our bright and colourful illustrated recipe cards are designed for kids to follow and give you all the info for what extra items and equipment you need whether it be an egg or a baking tray. On the reverse of each collectable recipe card are fascinating foodie facts and a bake it again breakdown of the recipe so you can remake and adapt recipes as you wish

Every Foodini Club box comes with a bonus freebie encouraging further play and experimentation around food. This could be through growing seeds to home made play dough, mixing together craft and fun activities

Try it for a month or you can subscribe for 3 or 6 months – the longer the subscription the better the discount. New subscribers receive a welcome pack and there are membership benefits the longer you sign up for!

Learn cookery skills for life

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