Choconana Muffin Kit


A year-round Foodini recipe kit: Choconana Muffins

Naturally sweetened, sticky and delicious peanut, chocolate and banana muffins

Pack contains:

  • Pre-packed ingredients to make approx 12 muffins
  • 12 x stand alone muffin cases – choose either paper or silicone
  • 1 x Illustrated recipe card + 1 x Illustrated shopping list

Shipping to UK address included

A perfect gift!


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The ultimate combo of chocolate, banana and peanut butter create our crowdpleasing Choconana Muffins, now available as a year-round single recipe kit complete with either stand alone paper muffin cases OR re-useable silicone cases!

These gooey yet light sweet treats use only natural sugars plus protein packed peanut butter to deliver on flavour while also being Gluten Free! We love them as an after school snack or picnic box addition, and they’re especially good warmed up a little… The kit makes approx 12 so you can pop them in a tin (we defy you to resist eating them all!), or freeze for longer life.

Mix together all the pre-packed ingredients (minus a few fresh items) provided in neat eco friendly packaging, complete with either stand alone paper or silicone cases, child friendly illustrated step-by-step instructions and an itemised shopping list to go shopping for any extra ingredients.

The perfect activity for young chefs to make a most moreish muffin and especially great as a gift!

Age 3+ recommended (this is a great kit for younger kids)

Ingredients: Oats, peanuts, raising agents, cacao powder, chocolate (55% cacao), maple syrup

Ingredients required: Yoghurt, Oil, Eggs & Bananas

Note: You can choose dairy or dairy free yoghurt to go in this mix