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Foodini is bright, colourful, tasty and exciting! Such good fun and a great way to keep my daughter excited about food and willing to try new things. Looking forward to our next pack!

Caroline, Postal Club customer
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You choose a subscription plan that suits you (from 1-4 seasonal packs)


We plan scrumptious recipes and design amazing activities!


Our packing team pop it all into a Foodini envelope every 3 months


It arrives at your door ready for you to start cooking up a feast!

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Alongside the seasonal club packs we run workshops, support charities and create single recipe kits with pre-packed dry ingredients (e.g Easter, Christmas), prints, recipe card packs and badges & magnets!

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What people say


My girls (5 and 3) were so excited when the Foodini Club envelope arrived and got straight to work doing the sweet rainbow cloud activity within minutes! Such a great thing for us to do together as a family.

K Rubis

Foodini kits are great for loads of reasons, but one biggie is that they don’t dumb down for kids. Think lighting candles, recipes with spices and super simple science experiments. These packs are a fab way to get kids involved in proper, hands on learning; healthy, seasonal food; and are brilliant for pushing everyone in the family out of their own comfort zone.

Katie Y

We absolutely love the Foodini packs. They’re packed full of activities that cover a whole spectrum of learning. Everything is always so tempting!

Clare H, childminder

Very happy. We had lentil cake (never tried it before) it was yummy! I order Foodini as my 6 year old has Austin and is so limited with his foods, and he ate all his slice of cake. It’s great to get children learning about different ingredients such as cardamom

Stef Hurst

We joined for the recipes, and they are fantastic. My children are even eating beetroot regularly thanks to Foodini! 

Elodie D

My 11 year old son absolutely loves this he wants to be a chef so having different food ideas to try is fantastic and it also goes as part of his home education.The product is great and the packs with herbs/spices is fantastic!

Sara H

Just wanted to mention how much we love Foodini! I recommend it to everyone I know!

Liria D

My daughter always wants to make all of the recipes straight away – we’ve made a few of them multiple times as they’re so simple and delicious! We love finding out about the food and looking for different things when we go outside too

Kathryn S

Mottyl cooked for 2 hours uninterrupted and was so impressed with his skills and results. What a treat for all!

Laura Salmi

The pack has really clear instructions – also gave fab food facts and I liked that the food was something a little more creative than the kids have tried to cook before. It was fab!

Gem Young

Foodini is a bright innovative exciting way to get children involved in baking. The products are all beautifully designed and thoughtfully put together making the experience fun. Cos that’s what baking should be, FUN!

Mel K

I ordered the Dino Eggs for my grandchildren to relieve the boredom of the lockdown. They LOVED them! Wonderful personal service!

Jane Elms

Highly recommend the full subscription! My kids are trying things they wouldn’t normally eat and are really enjoying the independence the recipes allow. Fantastic club!

Lynne Graham

Every month the Foodini package has been a huge success, both Izzy & her mum look forward to making everything that arrives. Well done for a beautifully simple but exciting way of engaging youngsters in cooking from scratch. Izzy has now started asking when the Foodini packs will arrive.

Karen Philips

Kept my 2 grandsons happily engaged for a mornings and the biscuits disappeared in a twinkling. Great fun.

Ian Mags

I love how original this monthly kit is, and how much information is included. There are ways you can involve children of several ages in enjoying everything in your subscription, from the interesting information about certain foods to the making of the recipes. It is so neat that you can not only make recipes, but also a craft and science experiment. Additionally, all of the materials are so colourful and fun!

Caitlyn D

My daughter enjoyed every minute of it. She loves baking and crafting just the right thing for her age group. She is 9. Thank you.

Eve K

My 3 year old receives the monthly subscription as a gift from her grandparents and always asks when the postman is bringing Foodini – she is so excited when the orange envelope arrives. From the pictorial shopping lists and recipe cards which are perfect for pre-readers, the easy to follow stages that she can do with minimal help, genuinely delicious results and the information sheets and craft/activities, this entertains and educates her for days. Thank you.

Charlotte Brown

My daughter really enjoys cooking and this encourages her to try new foods and be independent in the kitchen. Great opportunity to enjoy family time and get off the iPad!!

Sara Fawcitt

Why choose Foodini Club?

Kids who cook, eat! We believe that every child can develop a healthy happy relationship with real food given the chance. A Foodini subscription is so much more than a baking kit or cooking club, it's a commitment to helping your child thrive and enjoy the process as much as the end result!

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