Welcome to the club for creative young cooks!

Greetings food explorers! The Great Foxy Foodini and Fifi la Bird have been working hard developing delicious recipes to get you all cooking and eating glorious grub. Whether it's recipe kits, monthly postal club, workshops or our other splendid offerings we are here to inspire a love of cooking and eating REAL FOOD!

Want to get your child off ipad or phone for a bit? Or struggling with a fussy eater? Try Foodini Club, which offers subscribers monthly packs of veggie recipes for children and holiday workshops, cooking lessons, party bag kits, etc.

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Foodini Postal Club The monthly club for creative & curious young cooks PLUS ingredients. Explore new flavours, seasonal foods & learn kitchen skills alongside craft, growing kits and more!

Perfect for ages 4-12

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Recipe Card Club The monthly club for creative & curious young cooks without any pre-measured ingredients. All the same goodies to inspire and explore cooking real food!

Perfect for ages 4-12

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Single Kits One-off single kits containing all the dry & store cupboard ingredients pre-measured each with a recipe card and bonus extras. Featuring seasonal specials & gift kits!

Perfect for age 3+

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Kids who cook, eat!


Recent years have seen a rise in childhood eating difficulties often labelled as ‘picky’ or ‘fussy’ eating, creating stress and high emotions around mealtimes for parents and children. Families are eating less meals together and children are growing up fed on kids menu options of repetitive simplified & processed foods plus sugary snacks and drinks, leading to health issues and a disconnect from real food

Foodini Club wants to help change this by having fun with food together!

  • Explore and learn

    Our kits are fun for all the family to discover, offering you a chance to step back while your child gains some control in the kitchen…and parents who want to expand their cookery knowledge can learn too!

  • Breaking down barriers

    Children who are involved in cooking with you (or solo) are more likely to eat the food, breaking down eating difficulties by giving children a nudge to try something new (though you might need to repeat attempts for the strongly hesitant eater!)

  • Perfect for busy families

    Your Foodini Club packs contain handily measured ingredients ready to cook with, plus we’ve done the difficult part for you – the ideas!

  • Encourages skill development

    Perfect for budding chefs our kits offer children a chance to grow their kitchen confidence with clear visual instructions

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