The Nitty Gritty

FAQs and further information

Monthly Club: Foodini Club Postal Packs are delivered direct to your home or workplace once a month via Royal Mail and if you have a letterbox that it fits through it’ll be posted through. The pack may be left outside your door or in a safe space if you aren’t home. Occasionally the pack may be taken to your nearby Delivery Office if it can’t be left in a safe space, where it can be redelivered another day or kept safely until you collect it.

Please let us know if there’s somewhere you would rather the pack be left or any extra delivery info, though we can’t promise that your postie will be able to fulfil your wishes.

Deliveries are usually dispatched at the end of the second week of the month, but may be sent earlier during seasonal holidays if necessary/appropriate.

We fully understand the various food intolerances and create all our recipes with options for alternative ingredients should your child have a diagnosed allergy.

Foodini Club single recipe kits are packed in an environment that handles gluten, nuts, sesame and occasional dairy so if your child has severe allergies the kits might not be for you. However, we take every care to pack our GF flours and will try to accommodate peanut and nut allergies where possible.

A lot of our recipes are naturally gluten free due to using alternative flours and grains, and have optional dairy elements which can be swapped for non-dairy. Recipes will differ slightly without eggs and with non-dairy elements but we try to develop recipes with alternative dietary choices in mind!