Foodini Seasonal Club: Spring 24 🌱🐝

We’re bounding like spring lambs into the new season at Foodini Club and we are buzzing about all the treats to make, bake and create in the spring Seasonal Club! We have dishes inspired by Italy and India, chocolate Easter … Read More

Foodini Seasonal Club: Winter 23 🍊🐉

As advent kicks off with the first frosts we enter the season of slowing down, lighting candles, warming drinks and foods to comfort the soul. We certainly need it after the year it’s been so far and the uncertain times … Read More

Foodini Seasonal Club: Autumn 23 🍂🍐

Autumn days….and the smell of cinnamon and ginger is in the air! We are still enjoying the late summer bounty while watching the leaves turn and starting to feel a chill in the evenings. Orchard fruits come into their own … Read More

Foodini Seasonal Club: Summer 23 🌻🍿

Summertime….and the cooking is easy! When it’s hot outside you don’t want to be spending too much time in the kitchen so we’ve pulled together a collection of delicious treats and finger food perfect for enjoying with friends, in the … Read More

Foodini Seasonal Club: Spring 23 🌱🌈

Spring has sprung at Foodini Club and we have a bumper pack of delicious delights to make, bake and create for you in the spring Seasonal Club! We have classic Italian dishes, Easter themed goodies, Mexican inspired hot chocolate and … Read More

Foodini Seasonal Club: Winter 22/23 ✨🕯

This winter we have pulled together a bounty of tasty goodies and fun to have during the darkest time of the year. Plenty to entertain and feed the family from food that warms the soul to craft activities that light … Read More

Craftmas: DIY advent calendar 🎄

If you’re after a craft activity that also gives you a reusable calendar for years to come and the chance to control what goes into your advent calendar then have a go at making your own calendar. This easy craft … Read More

Pom Parkies 🍎

If there’s one traditional treat enjoyed at bonfire night here in the UK it has to be Parkin! A square of soft, sticky and chewy gingerbread/cake made with oats (or oatmeal), spice and molasses/treacle it’s perfect for munching on while … Read More

Foodinimas 21!🎄🎁

If you’re after a gift that keeps giving then look no further than a Foodini Postal Club subscription! In the December Foodinimas special edition you’ve got tonnes of goodies to ensure tasty treats PLUS excellent crafting and home made pressies … Read More

Hot Cross Boule

What do you get if you combine an enriched and spiced dough recipe and combine with sourdough starter, then make it huge? A giant hot cross bun, aka Hot Cross Boule! This is a great one for Easter bakes – … Read More