Foodini Seasonal Club: Autumn 23 🍂🍐

Autumn days….and the smell of cinnamon and ginger is in the air! We are still enjoying the late summer bounty while watching the leaves turn and starting to feel a chill in the evenings. Orchard fruits come into their own this season with crisp sweet apples, comforting soft pears and beautiful hedgerow berries offering us the chance to stock up on vitamins for the winter ahead if we know what to do with them…

We’ve got comforting flavours using the best of this season’s veg and fruits from a family favourite burger recipe, a rice dish based on an American southern recipe and exciting Vietnamese sharing meal to all the best ways to cook up apples and pears that make your house smell amazing! You’ve got pink and purple drinks hot and cold and a fantastic way to use an amazing hedgerow berry to make your new best dipping sauce…plus cute crafts, a fascinating science experiment making your own plastic with an unusual ingredient and a celebration of the woods, hedges and plants of autumn!

Read on to find out about what you might discover in the Seasonal Club pack, shipping now until they sell out!

The recipes 🍽️
Vietcakes – veggie Vietnamese pancakes
Beet Burgers
Pear Puddles
Orchard Pies
The Drinks 🍹
Plumberry Spritz
Rose Milk
Hawthorn Ketchup
The Craft ✂️
Fox Family
Corn Dollies
Autumn Mobile
The Science 🧪
Sprouting – learn how to sprout beans & pulses
Plastic Fantastic – make your own plastic with kitchen ingredients!
Grow 🌱
Broccoli Greens (sprouting seed)
American Land Cress
  • Kitchen skills 101: how to make great granola, prepare apples & pears and sterilise bottles & jars
  • Nature guide to autumn in the Foodini Almanac
  • Forage for hawthorn berries & rosehips, and what to make with them
  • Nature hunt & guide to Eating the Season
  • Botanical Badger guides to herbs and spices
  • 12 week meal planner
  • All spices, herbs, craft, science and bonus items!

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