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I founded Foodini Club born out of a passion for food, cooking and positive messaging around balanced eating. My earliest memories revolve around food whether it be watching cooking from the kitchen doorway or learning how to cook from the Cook with Pooh or Usborne First Cook Book! Bringing children into the kitchen and learning how to relax and play around food helps to develop a life-long positive relationship to food and eating, and that's what Foodini Club is all about.

My background is in graphic design and film making, which I still occasionally do alongside all things Foodini..I guess you could say I'm an 'ideas person' - this can get me in trouble with over-ambition but I do love the creative process of recipe planning, photography and recipe card design and can't wait to get more video work into Foodini's future..



I joined Foodini Club in Autumn 2017 after experiencing the pre launch trial kits with my son Arthur and getting excited about finding a business that fits with what I want to be doing!

My background is in publishing and marketing, and I love finding connections with other exciting businesses and am ultimately passionate about promoting healthier, rounded and joyful ways to eat for all the family. I am also a keen gardener and grower and making those connections between growing, cooking and eating will always hold a certain magical appeal which kids seem to really ‘get’. We can’t wait to share more of our Foodini food journeys with you!


Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself - Michael Pollan

Get involved!

We love developing our kits at Foodini Club HQ, but we also feature a number of guest recipe creators, craft kit inventors, small businesses and foodie mums. Fancy featuring in a box? Find out more!

And there's more!

Foodini Club also run workshops, food related projects and clubs around Brighton & Hove. We channel around 10% of our profits into projects with charities and free workshops to reach a wide audience in various social demographics. More info on our workshops can be found on our news page. If you’d like to find out about Foodini Club at your school or our nursery kits read more on our School & Nursery Clubs page