About us

Eat anything you want, just cook it yourself - Michael Pollan

Hello! I’m Laura and my earliest memories revolve around food whether it be watching cooking from the kitchen doorway or learning how to cook from the Cook with Pooh cookbook (yes it’s real!). I was fortunate to have my appetite and interest in food nurtured and that happy relationship has continued throughout my life. After many years in video & design I stepped back when I had my son and reevaluated; I decided I wanted to work on something new that blended my excitement about food & cooking with my visual and creative skillset, but what?

When I started feeding my son and sharing my love of food with him a nugget of an idea started forming around helping kids engage with food, a nugget that grew as I watched his appetite and interest grow. Developing healthy snacks and hand-held chew-friendly foods for him led to lots of thoughts about producing healthy snacks for toddlers, but what I really cared about was enabling families and children to make the food themselves…

When my son was a baby I would cook with him in a sling so he could watch (something he rapidly grew too big for!), then as a toddler we’d encourage him to handle food and ‘help’ prepare meals standing on a chair by the counter. Messy? Yep, but that’s what a wet cloth is for! Risky? Not if you help children learn about how to use equipment properly! I saw that he would often try what he had helped cook whether it be fishcakes, broccoli or muffins and that sparked the idea about bringing simplified recipe packs directly into homes just for kids…a dash of inspiration, a sprinkle of determination plus more than a scoop of research later and hey presto, our Foodini Club recipe kits were born!

Get involved!

We love developing our recipes at Foodini Club HQ, but we also feature a number of guest recipe creators from Brighton & Hove based nutritionists, small businesses and foodie mums. Fancy featuring in a box? Find out more!

And there's more!

Foodini Club also run workshops, food related projects and clubs around Brighton & Hove. We channel around 10% of our profits into projects with charities and free workshops to reach a wide audience in various social demographics. More info on our workshops can be found on our news page. If you’d like to find out about Foodini Club at your school or our nursery kits read more on our School & Nursery Clubs page

What we care about


We offer a balanced diet of sweet & savoury foods mostly plant-based & naturally sweetened, minus any language around guilt (a pesky emotion)!

Seasonal Ingredients

Our fresh ingredients are sourced where possible from local South East farms and suppliers re-introducing the concept of seasonal foods

Food Waste

By using the packaged ingredients in a Foodini Club kit you’re using only what you need, reducing wasted fresh & dry ingredients. In a way it’s a try before you buy approach – if you like the recipe you can invest in the ingredients and re-make!

The Environment

We use environmentally friendly packaging made from recyclable plastics and even plant plastic which is fully compostable! We also deliver our kits in Brighton & Hove using zero-carbon urban courier company Recharge Cargo so watch out for their big white electric bikes and trikes as one might contain your Foodini Club box!