Spring Pesto

🌱Springtime Pesto is proving to be a hit this week in our house – such a brilliant way to bury veggies in a familiar format.. 🥦💜 In Winter we did Kale and now it’s in season we’ve gone for Purple … Read More

Buckwheat stack & Freezer sauce

🥞 We started off the day with fruit topped Buckwheat pancakes, to bring some bright colour to the grey morning.. ❄️ Continuing on Friday’s post about freezer fruits and veggies, this quick sauce is simple and a delicious way to … Read More

Kitchen hacks – Freezer food

Do you have breakfast smoothies in your house? Maybe like us you kickstart a healthy gut with Kefir whizzed up with fresh colourful fruits & veg – a fun thing to make with kids when they get to choose what … Read More

Silent Eating – MWM #11

Mid-week mindfulness this week is perhaps on the surface of it not so easy..silent eating! 🤐 This has come up now because earlier in the week I had a conversation with a friend explaining what the little brass bell we … Read More

Courgette Chips

Afternoon entertainment today came in the form of one of our favourite quick snack recipes – Courgette Chips! 🍟🥒 (Why is there no courgette emoticon?) Sticking with the chip theme this month (our Foodini Club savoury recipe kit being Polenta … Read More

Unemotional eating – MWM #10

It’s a mid-week mindful moment and this week it’s all about accepting your feelings and emotions but not bringing them to your plate. 😫😭😠 Like anyone, I most definitely struggle to enjoy my food when I’m upset, worried or feeling … Read More

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It’s Purple Sprouting Broccoli time! 🥦 Yes, it’s April and the start of the season of produce and plenty here in the UK.. We particularly 💜 this sprouted broccoli variety and are very lucky to have an abundance after visiting … Read More

Satay noodles (veggie)

🥜 If you’re looking for a tasty veggie packed family supper, these noodles do the trick! Plus the peanut adds that extra protein and unctuous quality that soon fills up little tums… 🍜 Simply choose and prep your favourite veggies … Read More


🍫🎁 Our Easter gifting this year is a home made affair..skipping the expensive and plastic packed eggs on offer and instead making these Choco Blobs to give away! ⭐ Such fun to make with kids, you simply need to melt chocolate … Read More

Stop & Sit -MWM #9

Mid-week mindfulness this week is pretty straight forward – stopping and sitting! 🍴 If you’re anything like us, you can find yourself squeezing in food or quick meals while on the go, or else standing leaning against the counter grabbing … Read More