Hot Cross Boule

What do you get if you combine an enriched and spiced dough recipe and combine with sourdough starter, then make it huge? A giant hot cross bun, aka Hot Cross Boule! This is a great one for Easter bakes – … Read More

Starter for ten…

In the January Foodini Club Postal Club packs we got our young chefs experimenting with creating their own sourdough starter to grow yeast and watch how the teeny organisms ferment flour! To keep a starter active it needs regular feeding … Read More

Choco Power Pots 💥

Have you tried overnight oats yet? It’s been one of those Instagram-friendly recipes that have featured for years, a variation on porridge that’s eaten cold and all the prepping takes place the night before meaning you can still manage a … Read More

Summer Rolls

These delicious Vietnamese Summer Rolls were one of our very first Foodini Club recipes back in 2017 and following much demand we’re here to share the recipe with you for both the veggie rolls (using mushrooms) and our sweet and … Read More

Nana Oat Pud

Take bread & butter pudding, add banana and oats and you’ve got yourself an excellent (and nutritious!) breakfast bar that can be grabbed and munched on on the go or enjoyed as a post school snack! This recipe uses up … Read More

CORnbread Muffins

From mid July onwards the courgette plants hit their abundant stride and a month later we’re all looking around for ways to use up the bounty! It’s a versatile addition to your produce, working well in sweet and savoury baking … Read More

Tot Blocks!

Summertime eating can mean less hot meals and more bits n bobs on the plate like raw veg and tapas style dishes such as the Greek inspired courgette fritters features in the July Foodini Club packs… or these, Tot Blocks! … Read More

Beetroot Ketchup

If you’re finding yourself reaching for the tomato sauce a little more often than you’d like and you fancy shaking it up with a seasonal superstar then look no further, beetroot ketchup is here! This rich, tangy, earthy and lightly … Read More

Japanese noodle soup 🍜

Mealtimes in our house have become a chance to explore other countries and cultures for a little escapism and added food education to our day! This delicious bowl of noodle soup allowed us plenty of chatting about soy beans – … Read More

Miso tasty!

Umami, the fifth taste after sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It’s found in a lot of Japanese cooking and describes that flavour that combines sweet and salty with something else to make an addictive taste packed with real depth. You … Read More