Summer Rolls

These delicious Vietnamese Summer Rolls were one of our very first Foodini Club recipes back in 2017 and following much demand we’re here to share the recipe with you for both the veggie rolls (using mushrooms) and our sweet and nutty dipping sauce…

These Vietnamese Rolls work using rice wrappers which you can usually find at any good Asian supermarket and sometimes in the supermarket. They are semi-opaque hard discs when in their raw state but only take up to a minute or so of soaking in warm water before they are ready to use. Likewise the vermicelli rice noodles are easy to find and often come in small bundles, sometimes each one pre-wrapped. They also only require soaking in boiling water until soft!

This plus all the prepping of elements makes this a super textural activity and so much fun to make with kids… Why not try putting all the elements in the middle of the dinner table and having a DIY dinner where everyone chooses what they want? As for fillings, it’s a versatile affair and you can choose what you like – mushrooms, tofu, leftover chicken…

Instead of our usual format, we’re going to share here our original recipe cards which you can download and use at home.

If you would like to download the file to print or use at home, follow this link : download file (file will open in new tab and click the icon top right to download on to your computer or phone).

Enjoy! x Laura