💃 Raise yer hands in the air for a celeriacabration, what a mighty wonderful root it is! 🎉 The star of Feb’s savoury kit, this poor knobbly vegetable has been given the unfair name of The Ugly One’, but we … Read More

Berry & Coconut Oaty Bake

Weekend breakfasting can mean making a little more time to prep and eat, opening up the options.. 🥄 This is a sort of experiment with a cross between flapjack and porridge, a baked blueberry and coconut oaty bake. It’s also … Read More

Winter Superstars

🌟 Foodini Club winter superstars 🌟 Here’s a few of our winter seasonal goodies highlighted for you, though of course there are more! ❄️ Winter is a season to embrace the brassicas and root vegetables, getting our vitamin and mineral … Read More

Emerald Pesto

💚 Emerald Pesto 💚 We had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon at our cooking club (for 5-10yr olds), exploring the ingredients then whizzing up batches of rich green Emerald Pesto. 💚 The young chefs started the session touching and … Read More

Food journeys – MWM #2

Mid-week mindfulness this week is all about connecting with the journey your food has taken to get on your plate! 🍽️ A great exercise to practice with kids and adults alike, thinking about the ingredients that went into your food … Read More

Winter Power Soup

💥 When the bugs are flying around and the colds seem to be on a loop, turn to a big bowl of warming vitamin and mineral packed soup for lunch or dinner.. Plus a quick addition of some pasta shapes or … Read More

Roasted Cauliflower

This month’s Foodini Club seasonal stars (Parsnip & Cauliflower) make the perfect easy 4 ingredient lunch/dinner (not including oil) – simple spiced cauliflower steak and root chips. Crunchy, sweet, chewy, soft and very moreish! 🌟 Thickly slice your Cauliflower across … Read More

Stop and connect – MWM #1

A slice of mid-week mindfulness for you 🙏 By midweek we are mid flow in our weekday routines with school and work, and can get caught up in rushing through mealtimes barely tasting what’s in front of us. By taking … Read More

Cold Comfort Pie

❄️ Cold Comfort Pie ❄️ When it comes to feeling coldy, one of our top comfort foods is a plate of some warming easy to eat sustenance, and it doesn’t come more comforting than this mega veg cottage pie, the … Read More