Emerald Pesto

💚 Emerald Pesto 💚
We had a lot of fun yesterday afternoon at our cooking club (for 5-10yr olds), exploring the ingredients then whizzing up batches of rich green Emerald Pesto.
The young chefs started the session touching and smelling the ingredients, smelling and tasting the zingy cheese & fragrant basil and learning about kale types. A few frozen peas may have been flicked 😛 We then prepped the veggies (pouring & measuring peas and tearing up kale leaves before cooking), peeled garlic and grated cheese then whizzing together the elements with sunflower seeds and olive oil to make our winter pesto… It was a sensory experience, wrapped up with a quick bite of the finished sauce on pasta before they left.

A fab cooking activity with kids, it’s quick to make and very satisfying. This pesto uses kale and peas alongside basil, parmesan and sunflower seeds to bulk up a pasta sauce that many families have on standby. Sneak in some extra veg to your dinner and serve simply with your pasta of choice, adding a squeeze of lemon at the end for extra whizz!

Blanche your kale for 1min in boiling water, drain and rinse in cold water before drying well..
Soak your peas in hot water for a few mins before draining and using (no need to boil)
Whizz up the peas, kale and basil first, then add seeds, cheese and garlic next.
Finish by drizzling in oil while it’s blending, and store in a sealed tub in the fridge for 3 days with a little extra oil on top.

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