Cold Comfort Pie

❄️ Cold Comfort Pie ❄️
When it comes to feeling coldy, one of our top comfort foods is a plate of some warming easy to eat sustenance, and it doesn’t come more comforting than this mega veg cottage pie, the ultimate family meal!
Method follows the pics ☝️
1. Sauté finely chopped 1 onion, 2 sticks of celery and 2 carrots. After 10mins brown off your (ideally grass fed) 400g beef mince..
2. Add finely chopped/crushed 3 cloves of garlic and 0.5 butternut squash chunks
3. Pour in a small tin of chopped tomatoes (or half a normal tin), a dash of Worcester Sauce and approx 300ml beef or chicken stock, simmer for 30mins while you do the mash 👇
4. Chop approx 4-6 potatoes (peeled if the skins are thick, otherwise don’t bother) and 4 parsnips (scrubbed not peeled, those skins are packed with nutrients) into roughly similar size chunks and boil for approx 15mins
5. Mash with a knob of butter (around 50-60g) and a little nutmeg
6. Add a liberal handful frozen peas to the meat sauce
7. Spoon base into your oven dish of choice
8. Top with mash and smooth down, sprinkle with cheese, breadcrumbs and oats then bake in 180C oven for 30mins until golden brown
9. Serve with even more veggies, ideally of the green varieties to get some more vitamins on the side!
That’s a whole lotta flavour and veg in one dish, in a mega comforting format. What’s your family favourite comfort food?

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