Winter Power Soup

💥 When the bugs are flying around and the colds seem to be on a loop, turn to a big bowl of warming vitamin and mineral packed soup for lunch or dinner.. Plus a quick addition of some pasta shapes or pearl barley helps to get it past the kiddos.
Winter brassicas like Cauliflower and broccoli, cabbage and kale are jam packed with what we need to fight off colds. Mega stores of vitamin C and K, throw in some roots like potatoes, parsnips and carrots for natural sweetness and fibre to feed the gut bacteria (fighting off bad bacteria).. Garlic and onion are great for blood and immune support, and celery adds extra flavour depth (umami) when fried with carrots and onions – indeed this is the holy trinity of much cooking!
Finally choose your stock – here we’ve used a rich home made chicken stock also full of minerals, but you could use veggie or beef broth if you prefer.
We thickened ours with a dash of @oatly oat cream which worked a treat..
Simply soup-er 😉

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