Winter Superstars

🌟 Foodini Club winter superstars 🌟
Here’s a few of our winter seasonal goodies highlighted for you, though of course there are more!
Winter is a season to embrace the brassicas and root vegetables, getting our vitamin and mineral doses and fighting off the colds. A lot of these root veggies also provide us with much needed fibre, something missing from a lot of our diets and a vital addition to a healthy digestive system! Cooking brassicas like kale, cauliflower and cabbage should also be carefully considered as they loose a lot of nutrients when overcooked, let alone can be tricky for some of us to digest when undercooked!
This month we were all about cauliflower, parsnips and leeks. Next month we’ll be cooking with celeriac, coconut (not in this pic but available much of the year) and bananas..
What are your favourite winter veggies?

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