💃 Raise yer hands in the air for a celeriacabration, what a mighty wonderful root it is! 🎉
The star of Feb’s savoury kit, this poor knobbly vegetable has been given the unfair name of The Ugly One’, but we think it’s pretty dang awesome.

It is undoubtedly different in appearance to a smooth and shiny veggie like the pretty aubergine or a fluffy green tree head of broccoli, and with those gnarly roots and sprouting hair it might not look too appealing. Buut cooked the right way those warm celery flavours are super tasty especially added into potato dishes, or grated finely and mixed with a mustardy mayo to make delicious remoulade it’s 👌… and it also happens to be a proper powerhouse too!
Good for:
☠️ Bones
❤️ Blood pressure
🤯 Mental health
🤧 Building your immune system
💪 Cancer fighting 🔌 Plus it actually gives you energy, how kind is that?

It makes a SUPERB creamy soup when blended with lots of garlic, cream, celery, stock and potato.

So, next time you’re passing over The Ugly One in your greengrocer or supermarket, pop one in your basket and give it a try.
All hail the Celeriac!

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