Foodini Seasonal Club: Summer 23 🌻🍿

Summertime….and the cooking is easy! When it’s hot outside you don’t want to be spending too much time in the kitchen so we’ve pulled together a collection of delicious treats and finger food perfect for enjoying with friends, in the garden or at a picnic in the park!

We’ve got everything from refreshing thirst quenchers, a introduction to the wonderful spice blend Zaatar and an addictive way to use it, out of this world dishes from our space pack, surprising chocolate delights, monstrous fun with a puffy pastry, craft that sees you exploring the night sky and paper fruit plus explosive experiments in pressure, grow your own beanstalk and much more!

Read on to find out about what you might discover in the Seasonal Club pack, shipping now until they sell out!

The recipes 🍕
The Drinks 🍹
The Craft ✂️
The Science 🧪
Grow 🌱
  • Kitchen skills 101: how to cook millet, prepare pineapple and preparing fresh tomatoes
  • Nature guide to summer in the Foodini Almanac
  • Forage for elderflower and lime blossom, and what to make with them
  • Nature hunt & guide to Eating the Season
  • Botanical Badger guides to herbs and spices
  • 12 week meal planner
  • All spices, herbs, craft, science and bonus items!

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