Foodini Seasonal Club: Summer 24 🌻🌽

It may be a summer of sport but can also be a summer of great food! From light bites and snacks to picnic grab-and-go food, we’ve got you covered! This season we’re celebrating the very best summer treats from cupcakes, cookies and ice cream to garlic buttery flatbreads, fritters and pasties. Plus a juicy drink menu to refresh and excite the tastebuds…

Of course alongside this bumper pack of sunny foods we’ve got the usual selection of creative craft projects to keep little hands busy including cocktail adornments and useful pegs to keep your picnic food fresh! Plus fruity science experiments with summer favourites, useful ways to inspire exploring the great outdoors and everything you’d expect a Seasonal Club pack to deliver!

Read on to find out about what you might discover in the Seasonal Club pack, shipping now until they sell out!

The recipes 🍕
Summer Pasties
Chickadee Fritters
Instanaan: Garlic Naans
Corcakes cupcakes
Pancake Puffs
Jammy Jewels
The Drinks 🍹
Sunset Slushie
Raspberry Cordial
Watermelon Fizz
The Craft ✂️
Ant Pegs
Cocktail Umbrellas
The Science 🧪
Fruity rollups
Grow 🌱
Edamame Beans
  • Kitchen skills 101: how to prepare garlic, how to prepare sweetcorn and strawberries
  • Nature guide to summer in the Foodini Almanac
  • Forage for rose and blackberries, and what to make with them
  • Nature hunt & guide to Eating the Season
  • Botanical Badger guides to herbs and spices
  • 12 week meal planner
  • All spices, herbs, craft and science! 

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