Chickpea mini soda breads

🍞 Chickpea mini soda breads 🍞
At yesterday’s after school club up at the Dharma School in Brighton the young chefs whipped up a batch of these tasty mini savoury breads which also happen to be gluten free, dairy free and protein packed (thanks to the gram flour)!
Soda bread is fun to make with kids as you get to learn about the science behind what makes breads rise, and see how first the lemon or vinegar reacts with the milk (we used Almond Milk) then how the bicarb of soda fizzes up the batter when mixing..
These breads are pretty versatile, the pictured version 👆 is made with grated rainbow carrots (hence the funny purple dots inside) but they’d work with other seeds or spices like toasted cumin seeds too. Poppy seeds and sesame seeds make great toppings, adding crunch and flavour..though there might have been some liberal ‘sprinkling’ of these toppings yesterday 😆

Tips (batter makes approx 6 normal muffin size breads):
Get kids to mix in the lemon or vinegar to the milk and watch to see what it does after a few mins waiting time (it takes approx 5mins before you see the results)
Again when mixing the wet to the dry, watch to see how after a while of mixing the batter starts to fizz due to the bicarb..
Use liners in the muffin tin for easy release..
If not then grease well and allow to cool before removing as the extra protein in the gram flour makes them mega sticky!
Bake the muffins for around 18-20mins until the middle is cooked through (test with a knife) @ 200c

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