💗 Heart Beets 💗
Aka Beetroot & buckwheat pancakes – a weekend special in advance of Pancake Day on Tuesday and Valentine’s on Weds!
These are protein and nutrient packed thanks to the buckwheat and Beetroot power (golly we love beetroot), and a pretty shade of pink to boot.
We trialled this recipe a whole year ago with a local nursery during half term week and the reports were positive, but then Pancake making is such a hit with young chefs and who wouldn’t like a pink pancake?!
👩🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳 If you fancy making a batch of pink fluffy (& gf!) pancakes then here’s the how 👇

Whizz up 1-2 smaller size pre-cooked beetroot with approx 275ml of milk (can use dairy free if you prefer) and 1 egg / flax egg.
Add a dash of vanilla, 1 tbsp oil and a dollop of honey or syrup and combine with 225g Buckwheat Flour, 1 tsp gf baking powder and 0.5 tsp bicarb.

Leave a few mins for the bicarb to start working and add some more milk or a little natural yoghurt if you find the batter too thick (the buckwheat starts to soak up the liquids and it can get very thick).. Then fry spoonfuls in a little oil for a few mins each side – wait til you start to see bubbles forming on the first side before flipping!

Cut into hearts if you like and serve with whatever you fancy..

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