Foodini Seasonal Club: Spring 23 🌱🌈

Spring has sprung at Foodini Club and we have a bumper pack of delicious delights to make, bake and create for you in the spring Seasonal Club! We have classic Italian dishes, Easter themed goodies, Mexican inspired hot chocolate and craft to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), essential kitchen skills and wonderful ways to get out into nature and explore the season outside.

Read on to find out about what you might discover in the Seasonal Club pack, shipping from early March!

The recipes 🍕
The Drinks 🍹
The Craft ✂️
The Science 🧪
Grow 🌱
  • Kitchen skills 101: how to make a white sauce, tomato sauce and rhubarb compote
  • Nature guide to spring in the Foodini Almanac
  • Forage for nettles and hawthorn blossom, and what to make with them
  • Nature hunt & guide to Eat the Season
  • Botanical Badger guide to herbs and spices
  • 12 week meal planner
  • All spices, herbs, craft, science and hard to find ingredients!

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