Foodini Seasonal Club: Spring 24 🌱🐝

We’re bounding like spring lambs into the new season at Foodini Club and we are buzzing about all the treats to make, bake and create in the spring Seasonal Club! We have dishes inspired by Italy and India, chocolate Easter inspired food, drink and craft, activities and recipes to celebrate World Bee Day (May 20th 🐝), essential kitchen skills and wonderful ways to get out into nature and explore the blossoming season outside.

Read on to find out about what you might discover in the Seasonal Club pack, shipping now until packs sell out!

The recipes 🍰
Garden Focaccia (patterned Italian sharing bread)
Megastrone soup (spring minestrone style soup)
Pea Pocket (spiced pea & potato Indian flatbreads)
YoBeeYos (lemon & rhubarb shortbread biscuit sandwiches)
Fruitbowl Cake (aka the one essential cake recipe you need in your life)
Choconana Muffins (chocolate, banana and streusel muffins)
The Drinks 🍹
Mango syrup (a delicious cordial made from mango pits!)
Hoptail Mocktail (a tasty drink for your little Easter bunnies! 🐰)
Mango Chutney (the ideal homemade condiment)
The Craft ✂️
Bee Bombs
The Science 🧪
Kitchen scrap garden
Grow 🌱
Chamomile (German)
Cucamelons (melon flavoured mini cucumbers)
  • Kitchen skills 101: how to prepare a cake tin, prepare mango and make vegetable stock
  • Nature guide to spring in the Foodini Almanac
  • Forage for cleavers and dandelion, and what to make with them
  • Nature hunt & printed guide to Eating the Season
  • Botanical Badger guide to herbs and spices
  • 12 week meal planner
  • All spices, herbs, craft, science and hard to find ingredients!

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