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With the current tidal wave of environmentalism hitting the mainstream media, these past few weeks the discussion around climate change has become a big part of all our lives. While the issues that surround the ongoing eco-crisis are valid and real, what also comes with such huge realities is fear, guilt and confusion (not to mention apathy!). Yes we all care about the future of our planet, but when it seems so big what can we actually do to make any impact?

Without a doubt our lives in the Western world have become more and more convenient – online shopping, ready meals, home food delivery operations like Deliveroo and Uber Eats… All this fits our packed lives as we whizz in our cars to and from work, school, clubs and we’re used to all this. BUT what comes with convenience is often a cost that someone or something has to incur, and this is beyond being a financial hit. For sure big business needs to be held responsible for its carbon footprint, but we can all make small changes too!

The original Foodini Club recipe kit format

We have been considering our eco-impact since we kicked off Foodini Club. Recipe kits are a part of that convenience, delivering you measured ingredients and ideas on a regular basis meaning even the thought process of cooking has been done for you. However, one of the big issues around recipe kits (other than cost) is the packaging – who really needs 2tsp of spice delivered in a single-use plastic bag? Also when you think about it, that onion and 2 cloves of garlic are probably the most expensive onion and garlic you can buy as they’ve had to be picked, packed, delivered to the recipe kit company, packed again and shipped again before getting to you. Who bears the cost of this and is the cost just financial or does it also impact the environment? Do the businesses that you chose to by from really think about this?

The most eco-friendly Foodini Postal Pack

While we removed fresh items last year, we’ve recently evolved into our most bio format ever – read more on our last post about this. But that’s our responsibility as a business to you (and the environment), as we continue to promote healthy eating & cooking from scratch (in and of itself a more eco-friendly approach). Meanwhile, what can we all do in our everyday lives to make even a small difference?

Image by eco with em

Here are some ideas we’re trying to do with our food choices:

  • Eat less meat – you don’t have to go vegan but by reducing your meat eating by 50% has a massive carbon impact. Have it less frequently and instead chose higher welfare & ethically sourced meat when you do have it (from local sources if you can!)
  • Shop local – support farms, local veg boxes & food schemes, local bakeries, local markets!
  • Try find refill stations and use your own containers to refill dry, store cupboard & oils
  • Find a few friends and shop bulk wholefood supplies then have a measure party when the sacks arrive and split it between you
  • Consider how you cook with cling film & foil. Try swapping cling film for beeswax wraps and tupperware containers…
  • Collect the plastic packaging around fruit & veg if you do get it from the supermarket, then give it back to the supermarket in one big bag for them to recycle
  • Make a packed lunch using leftovers and pack in a tin instead of buying a salad or sandwich
  • Make bigger batches of food and freeze single or double portions so that when you’re tired, you have meals to turn to instead of ready meals or take away (though yeah an occasional take away can still be a treat)
  • Buy bigger loaves of bread, slice and freeze so you have bread ready to use at any point. Same with making batches of muffins & cakes!
  • Freeze your bananas when they’re getting too ripe to eat and use in smoothies and banana bread…same with other fruit – blueberries, strawberries, mango, pineapple etc.
  • Invest in a good quality water bottle and keep it in your bag to refill and stop you buying plastic water bottles!
  • Carry your own melamine or plastic fork and spoons in your bag for salads and food on the go…
Image by eco with em

What other ideas can you think of and what are you already doing?

x Laura

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