Gutsy potatoes

You say potato, I say salad..
🥔 It’s that time of year when we get the BBQ going and the salads on the tables for lunches & dinners…could there be a more British salad than potato? (Maybe Coronation Chicken 🤔)
🥗 Our favourite way to make a light and zingy potato salad is to mix a little vinagrette with the still warm potatoes in a bowl. Then once cooled we mix mostly yoghurt and a little mayo along with snipped chives. Nom nom.
😌 Did you know the best thing about potato salad is that those cold potatoes are great for your gut! Cold potatoes create a resistant starch which our good intestinal microbes in our colon LOVE to munch on – they’re a PreBiotic (food for your gut rather than ProBiotic which contain bacteria to introduce to your gut). This helps us in many ways – blood sugar levels, stress reduction, increased metabolism (therefore helping with weight) and reduced inflammation. Pretty cool eh?
So next time you’re cooking up some spuds, keep a few in the fridge to eat up in the days after – be sure to not reheat else those starches will be removed! 👍
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