Processed food

💥 We don’t normally post images like this, but after reading this article yesterday we felt compelled to post this pretty shocking stat 🙁
It’s easy in our bubbles of social media (let alone living in Brighton!), seeing images of tasty home cooked food on our feeds, to forget that cooking and eating real food is not something that’s normal in the UK. In fact, as this article indicates, we are leading the way in Europe with separating ourselves from real food and instead buying (the scarily named) ‘ultra-processed’ foods as the bulk of our supermarket shopping.
We may think of ourselves as a food loving or even ‘foodie’ nation, but we’ve got a heckuvva long way to go before we really get to be considered that way. We all have a responsibility to turn this around, in a non-judgemental and positive way.
While it may surprise us that things are this bad, this is why we set up Foodini Club, and it only serves to galvanise us to continue what we’re doing to connect our kids with real food..That starts with understand what fresh food looks like and re-learning that snacks and good grub need not be sugar, salt or chemical laden. ✊
Let’s get cooking and eating REAL food!

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