Kitchen hacks – Ginger & Garlic

💡 We thought we’d share some easy ways to help get your kids helping in the kitchen! 💡
Ginger & Garlic peeling:
💥Ginger – Instead of using a peeler or even a knife (and loosing a lot of ginger flesh inside), get your young chef to scrape the skin of the knob of ginger with a teaspoon and it slides off easily! Plus the spoon hugs all those nooks and crannies of the bobbly ginger oh-so-well..
💥Garlic – to save time on laborious peeling, get your young chef to push down on a tin or even use the base of a bowl to squash the clove, making it easy to peel and also starting the process of chopping for you as crushing garlic releases all those good flavours! You can also try rubbing the garlic clove(s) in between your hands as this loosens the skin and can make it easy to peel, plus releasing a great smell..
Prepping these two fragrant core ingredients are a great opportunity for sensory activity too – all those textures and smells to talk about. They’re strong flavours but make such a difference to our cooking. Enjoy!

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