Kitchen Hacks – old bread

💡What do you do with old bread or crusts you have leftover from your loaves? 🍞 Our top tip for saving your bread from the bin is to whizz up all crusts and old bread into breadcrumbs, then pop in a ziplock bag and freeze for easy access to crunchy toppings or coatings for gratins, pasta bakes, fish or chicken strips etc.. It’s also good to pull your young chefs into this – ripping up the crusts, putting in the food processor and whizzing them up before spooning or pouring into a bag.
If you like, add some herbs and spices like oregano, thyme, paprika or rosemary to make a ready made herby crumb that you can grab a handful of and sprinkle when you wish! (Note : no need to defrost before using, just sprinkle/use direct from the freezer) It’s so much better than buying ready made (and cheaper too!).

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