Stop & eat! – MWM #7

Our mid-week mindfulness this week comes a little late but serves as a good reminder to us as much as anyone else – especially when we’re in the midst of packing & delivery week (plus some exciting meetings and our cookery club today!).
When I was working the long hours of film making (especially when editing), my lunches would so often fall by the wayside or end up being a grabbed something at 3:30 when I would have ignored my empty stomach and gotten used to having slightly frenetic hungry energy. I just didn’t think I had the time to stop for eating, or else wasn’t aware enough of when it was lunchtime and what my body needed!
Having a child has really changed this, not only because of new routines that mean it’s often easier to share meals at actual meal times, but also because you get to see the mood shifts in your child when they are needing food and can observe the effect of skipping our sustenance.. it’s about our whole bodies needing the food – mind as much as body!
Acknowledge the time to eat by listening to your body to see when you might be feeling hungry and take a break from what you’re doing to be with the food you choose and do what you can to relish it! Simple steps that make a whole lot of difference..

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