Stop & Sit -MWM #9

Mid-week mindfulness this week is pretty straight forward – stopping and sitting!
If you’re anything like us, you can find yourself squeezing in food or quick meals while on the go, or else standing leaning against the counter grabbing bites of your food while your kids sit at the table and/or run around in-between mouthfuls. Not exactly the picture of calm, relaxed or enjoyable eating!
It’s one of those nagging phrases that echoes from childhood – Sit Down – that actually has good reasoning when it comes to eating. Moving our bodies into a comfortable and restful position aids digestion and calms the mind down (less adrenal), allowing us to acknowledge the food in front of us and actually process it better…
This is ideally done at a table/worktop/counter rather than sofa eating – on a sofa we slouch over our stomachs, crunching our digestion up let alone often eating while watching something..though we all do it at times!
Just bringing families together at a table for breakfast or dinner and sitting down once a day can have brilliant effect, modelling calmer focused eating to children and connecting us. Next time you catch yourself standing eating, just try sitting (at the risk of stopping and not getting back up again 😋)..

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