Tea time! MWM #12

Midweek mindfulness is all about those moments where you need to step back and chillax, whether it be because you’ve been on the move and are feeling rushed or because you’re caught up in high emotions!
Tea (or a cup of coffee for that matter) is something that can help that to happen. The process of the tea making is almost as therapeutic as the drinking can be, whether it be green tea, camomile, hoji cha or builders. Allowing the tea leaves to brew for the right amount of time, pouring water from the kettle or the tea from a pot – take those 10 precious minutes (or heck, make it 20 if you can!) to yourself to listen, feel and taste the tea thinking of nothing but that. ☕
It makes a great practice tool for calming and soothing, helping us return to the chaos around us with a little renewed energy – give it a try!

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