The Cooking Process – MWM #4

This week’s mid-week mindfulness is about process and allowing yourself slow down.

You may regularly feel time poor and rush to get meals ready for you and your family, or rely on quick foods/ready meals to feed yourself and your loved ones. We all turn to speedy fixes at times, or have quick standbys in the fridge to make yet another 15min meal of pasta pesto!

However, part of the reason we embarked on Foodini Club is a firm belief in the cooking process itself being as important to your well-being as the food you eat. Take your time to not only prepare food with love, but also to enjoy the chopping and stirring, watching how onions soften and release their sugars or explore the textures and sounds of different veggies as you prepare a stir makes a lot of difference to your experience of a meal and a general feeling of wellbeing! Create a peace through the actions of preparing food and it can calm you, helping to work through feelings that have built up.

Of course this isn’t possible every mealtime and we’re not talking about creating 3hr masterpieces (unless you can/want to!), but if you can try find a meal or two a week to take your time over it’s all good 🙏

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