Unemotional eating – MWM #10

It’s a mid-week mindful moment and this week it’s all about accepting your feelings and emotions but not bringing them to your plate.
Like anyone, I most definitely struggle to enjoy my food when I’m upset, worried or feeling angry. My guts feel tight and my stomach jittery, or somehow like a rock. This is in fact exactly what has happened – we hold a lot of emotional reactions in our digestive system and amazingly our usually fluid and expansive stomach completely seizes up when we’re stressed, not allowing space for new food to enter..
This is then often why we might complain about stomach ache or heartburn after eating, especially if we’re actually feeling stressed or upset but not aware of it!
Instead, before sitting to eat your food, try to take a moment to reflect what you’re feeling and acknowledge it. Accept it and know this feeling is there and will pass. If you can then engage with your food with awareness of the food itself, you’re not only more likely to enjoy it but you should also be able to digest it with a happier system..🌈

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