Buckwheat stack & Freezer sauce

🥞 We started off the day with fruit topped Buckwheat pancakes, to bring some bright colour to the grey morning..
❄️ Continuing on Friday’s post about freezer fruits and veggies, this quick sauce is simple and a delicious way to top pancakes or yoghurt in a morning. Mix together frozen blueberries and raspberries with a little dash of honey or maple syrup and boil up for a few mins to cook the fruit down. Allow to cool for a while before using.

🥞 Meanwhile this buckwheat pancake recipe is really delicious and can be adapted into griddle waffles (which is what we were going for originally but haven’t seasoned the griddle pan lately and didn’t fancy getting them all stuck!)
Recipe to make loads to freeze as well as eat then and there:
⭐2 cups buckwheat flour
⭐2 tbsp sugar/syrup/honey
⭐2.5 TSP baking powder
⭐2 TSP bicarbonate of soda
⭐0.5 TSP salt
⭐0.5 – 1 TSP cinnamon (to your taste)
⭐2.5 cups buttermilk (we made our own by mixing the milk with 3 tbsp lemon juice and leaving to sit for 5mins)
⭐2 eggs
⭐0.5 cup / 100g melted butter 👇
Mix dry ingredients together, then mix in the eggs, butter/oil and add the flour mix bit by bit, whisking to prevent lumps.
Fry in oil in your chosen format – pancakes / waffles..
🥞 Enjoy! We love the nutty flavour the buckwheat gives the mix.
❄️To reheat from frozen, pop on a baking tray and cook up from frozen til you regain that slight crisp edge.
Recipe inspiration: @cookieandkate 🐶

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