DIY Pot Noodles

Ah the pot noodle, that classic go-to snack meal from student days. Satisfyingly salty yet somehow quite unfulfilling, other than the noodles and some flavouring there wasn’t much actual nutrition in each tub! But the idea of the dehydrated quick-fix pot is good and with a few little tweaks you can make this an easy dish for everyone (especially as a packed lunch alternative that’s easy to prep and travel with!)…

Our recipe is a guideline that you can vary with whatever you like – why not get the kids involved in choosing their own fillings and layer up the rainbow shades as you like… Also, choose the quick-cook dried rice noodles for this, as egg noodles don’t work quite so well with just the soaking method.

Layer up the following in a jar with a lid (a kilner jar works well):

  1. Bottom – your sauce base. Mash together 1 tsp of vegetable bouillon powder or a half stock cube with: 1 tbsp soy sauce, 0.5 tsp grated ginger, 1 tsp sesame oil, 0.5 tsp honey & 1 tsp rice vinegar.
  2. Next pack in your quick cook rice noodle sheet
  3. Add the veg with harder to softer bottom to top.. We added 1 small grated carrot, then finely chopped greens – in this case chard, but you could use spinach (kale will need pre-steaming), then spring onions and finally topped with chopped mushrooms.

That’s it! Pack it in tightly, seal the jar then wait til you’re ready to eat…

When you want to cook it, simply pour over boiling water (it must be boiling) until it covers the top of the veg, stir it around a bit with chopsticks then seal the jar up for 4-5mins. Once soaked, open it and stir again to mix it all together and when you’re ready to slurp get those chopsticks in the pot and enjoy!

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