Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It’s Purple Sprouting Broccoli time! 🥦
Yes, it’s April and the start of the season of produce and plenty here in the UK..
We particularly 💜 this sprouted broccoli variety and are very lucky to have an abundance after visiting family at the weekend and my 4.5yr old helping to pick a load from my step dads very pristine allotment (life goals)!
Our favourite ways to cook this delicious and very healthy veggie are :
💜Steamed and drizzled with a little olive oil and pepper as a simple side or dippy stick for kids
💜Steamed for a couple of mins then roughly chopped and added to pasta with a creamy parmesan or cashew sauce
💜Chopped roughly and added to stir fry (greens are so good with ginger, garlic and sesame oil)
💜Steamed, refreshed in cold water then piled into a salad with spinach, avocado and a creamy tangy dressing made by blitzing anchovy, mustard, lemon, olive oil, white wine vinegar and a dollop of yoghurt..swipe left to see this one! 👈
🥦 How do you like yours?
Note : choose the smaller thinner stems for a more tender stalk – thicker or twisted looking stalks can be very chewy…

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