Eating Battles

What with all the general January chat about healthy eating, dieting and usual post Christmas guilt surrounding food and drink we thought we’d send a message of solidarity out to all those mamas and papas who are doing their very best to feed their kids healthy, balanced meals! It sure isn’t easy.. If you’ve done your best but all she’ll eat is pasta pesto every day, let it be! If you’ve cooked for 6 hours and the home made gnocchi with ragu is sliding down the wall then don’t worry, you aren’t alone! If you’ve brought out the fish fingers 6 nights in a row, take a breath and tell yourself so what?!
One of the things we get asked about regarding Foodini Club is around the benefits of joining the club, is it just so you can get a supply of snack and meal recipes? The quick answer is no, it’s about a whole lot more. Put simply, our motto is ‘Kids who cook, eat’ and that’s why we started the club! It may not be straight away and it may not be every time that it works, but kids change non-stop and you may find with constant trying and trying again that spoonful of cabbage makes it past the barriers on attempt 8..
Foodini Club may be able to help – we’re designed for the kids to lead, take control of the process and embrace the cooking sensations from mashing to chopping. Results from stepping back and letting kids cook are overwhelmingly showing that young chefs take pride in what they make and are hugely more likely to try that food & all manner of new flavours too!
High fives to all you parents trying to navigate your way through the eating battles minefield, we’re here for you ✊

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