Healthy eating – MWM #5

Our mid-week mindful moment comes in the form of what is healthy, and eating with our whole body in mind.
So many mixed messages out there about health, but with recent news reports highlighting the ever growing reliance on processed foods to feed us in the UK, we need to try and stop all the polarity around ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food. Kick out the language of guilt and emotion connected with what we eat, and instead just consider whether what you’re eating is feeding your whole body or not. 🥗
A lot of this is about reprogramming..which is behind much of what we do here at Foodini Club.
If we can change our mindsets to view food that also happens to feed our bodies positively as delicious then we’re on the right track. Easier said than done, when you want a quick sugar hit to stop you feeling tired.. But healthy is also about emotional mindset – if you feel guilty about food then it’s not going to be a positive experience. Allow yourself that slice of brownie, but maybe you could find a way to make the brownie yourself, or if not then buy a good quality one and have it less often? 😉

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