Courgette Chips

Afternoon entertainment today came in the form of one of our favourite quick snack recipes – Courgette Chips!
🍟🥒 (Why is there no courgette emoticon?)
Sticking with the chip theme this month (our Foodini Club savoury recipe kit being Polenta Chips), this one is a fun one for a playdate with friends…
Chop courgette batons, dry well then dip in beaten egg and a mixture of ground almonds, breadcrumbs (optional) and grated parmesan/cheese of choice 🧀
Roast for approx 20mins til brown and crunchy..
Note : this is quite a messy one, but worth it!
We enjoyed ours (2 kids ate this whole plate in approx 4mins flat 😮) with a dollop of our favourite kid friendly ketchup, @millyskidchup 🍅
Hmm, wonder what else we could chipify?!
Meanwhile… after a busy few days entertaining and hosting various kiddos through this last part of the holidays I’m kinda ready for school to return..ahem 🙄😴
X 🦊

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