Red Velvet Granola

Weve been busy excavating the crunchiest granola into our bowls this morning, piling it on top of Greek yoghurt and stewed rhubarb (Rhubarb being the seasonal star of our May sweet kit)..

❤️ The twist with this granola is the addition of BEETROOT into the mix, plus we’ve used Pinhead or Steel Cut oats instead of rolled porridge. They’re smaller, chunky and longer to cook than porridge oats and up til now I’ve only used them for our popular Oatacle sweet oatcake biscuits.



By combining:
🥄2 cups of Pinhead Oats
🥄0.3 cup Flaxseed
🥄0.25 cup Chia seed
🥄0.5 cup Sunflower seeds
🥄1 cup Cashew nuts
🥄& 3 tbsp Cacao powder
🥄2 pre-cooked small beetroot
🥄1 tsp Vanilla bean paste
🥄0.3 cup Coconut oil
🥄0.5 cup Maple syrup
Then cooking for total of 35mins, mixing it up a few times in the oven…
🥄Then stirring through 1 cup of dried sultanas and cranberries…
You get a whole lot of an unusual, dark pink, earthy but sweet and mega crunchy crumbly topping for brekkie or puddings or snacking! Bowls were scraped clean and we have a LOT to use up in the weeks ahead (stores well in an airtight container).
💗 Next time gonna leave out the cacao and get it pinker – maybe it’ll turn the milk pink too!

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