Chop Chop – safe knife skills

One of the risks that concerns many parents about getting their younger kids cooking is around using knives, but learn to respect knives and you’ll unlock a confidence around cooking In some cultures around the world learning how to use … Read More

Going green…

With the current tidal wave of environmentalism hitting the mainstream media, these past few weeks the discussion around climate change has become a big part of all our lives. While the issues that surround the ongoing eco-crisis are valid and … Read More

Kitchen Hacks – scissors

💡 It’s Thursday tips time! A top tip for getting your kiddos involved in some kitchen action is by using scissors to snip up whatever works.. especially herbs. We pop the herbs into a cup or measuring jug, then they … Read More

Kitchen hacks – Freezer food

Do you have breakfast smoothies in your house? Maybe like us you kickstart a healthy gut with Kefir whizzed up with fresh colourful fruits & veg – a fun thing to make with kids when they get to choose what … Read More

Kitchen Hacks – old bread

💡What do you do with old bread or crusts you have leftover from your loaves? 🍞 Our top tip for saving your bread from the bin is to whizz up all crusts and old bread into breadcrumbs, then pop in … Read More

Kitchen hacks – Ginger & Garlic

💡 We thought we’d share some easy ways to help get your kids helping in the kitchen! 💡 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 Ginger & Garlic peeling: 💥Ginger – Instead of using a peeler or even a knife (and loosing a lot of ginger … Read More