Eat LESS meat – MWM #13

Mid-week mindfulness this week may be a little controversial for some, or seem like we’re trying to push you down a prescribed path… but wait!
We are neither vegetarians nor vegans at Foodini, yet we eat a lot of plants and not so much meat.. Society at the moment is packed with labels for what and how you eat – vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, paleo, plant-based, sugar-free, gluten free etc etc.. when you see that a lot of these labels come with judgement and hefty emotions such a guilt, it’s pretty full on!
🌱 However, we think we should leave it with the words of the great Michael Pollan (one of our foodie heroes): “Eat Food, not too much, mostly plants” – what solid advice. 🥩 We eat a LOT of meat in the Western World, a hangover from meat and two veg programming perhaps, but there are impacts on your body and the environment from eating a lotta meat.. Rather than cutting it out completely, should you try cutting meat meals to a couple of times a week then you can make easy choices to buy higher quality organic/free range/grass fed meats and reap the rewards for your body and the planet..
🐄 We’re not here to scare you about what the meat and dairy industries are doing to the planet or your bodies, but instead to advocate that veggies can be swapped into so many meals and still give you protein rich flavour packed mighty meals!
🍔 Veggie burgers, meat-free-balls (watch this space for our July savoury kit), cauliflower steaks, Chickpea tofu, griddled vegetable salads with bulgur wheat.. it’s kind on your tummy AND your wallet!
⚖️ When it comes down to it, it’s all about balanced maybe we are trying to stick a label on it after all!?

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