Deconstructed Crumble

Rhubarb in the morning..Rhubarb in the evening..Rhubarb all day long..starting with this!

Roast some fresh rhubarb chunks with a little dark muscavado sugar and fresh ginger for around 25mins until soft then leave to cool as a compote in the fridge for the week.

This morning we whipped up a muesli crumble topping and baked it by itself for 20mins until crunchy – mixing together butter (though it’s great with coconut oil too), ground and flaked almonds, wholemeal spelt flour, rolled oats, molasses sugar and a dash of muesli for good measure..

Served with yogurt and the rhubarb we are set up for the day marching through the streets of Brighton at the annual Children’s Parade, and what a beautiful day for it!

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