Gutsy potatoes

You say potato, I say salad.. potato..salad..potato..salad… 🥔 It’s that time of year when we get the BBQ going and the salads on the tables for lunches & dinners…could there be a more British salad than potato? (Maybe Coronation Chicken … Read More

Rosy Rhubarb

🌸 We’re flying the Rhubarb flag this month, and enjoying a whole lot of this tart yet tasty veggie.. ❓Did you know that earliest records of this vegetable date back to 2700BC where it was grown in China for medicinal … Read More

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It’s Purple Sprouting Broccoli time! 🥦 Yes, it’s April and the start of the season of produce and plenty here in the UK.. We particularly 💜 this sprouted broccoli variety and are very lucky to have an abundance after visiting … Read More


💃 Raise yer hands in the air for a celeriacabration, what a mighty wonderful root it is! 🎉 The star of Feb’s savoury kit, this poor knobbly vegetable has been given the unfair name of The Ugly One’, but we … Read More