Veggie Muffins

Having started developing recipes for Foodini with muffins in very many forms (Otto ate a LOT of mini muffins when he was starting eating solids), I have a soft spot for the soft and fluffy sort-of-cakes that can carry SO … Read More

Bramley Muffins 🍏

During apple season in the UK we can’t get enough of the sweet and juicy apple varieties grown for eating directly from the tree, such as cox or pippin. Visit an apple orchard during this time and the trees will … Read More

Gutsy potatoes

You say potato, I say salad.. potato..salad..potato..salad… 🥔 It’s that time of year when we get the BBQ going and the salads on the tables for lunches & dinners…could there be a more British salad than potato? (Maybe Coronation Chicken … Read More

Rosy Rhubarb

🌸 We’re flying the Rhubarb flag this month, and enjoying a whole lot of this tart yet tasty veggie.. ❓Did you know that earliest records of this vegetable date back to 2700BC where it was grown in China for medicinal … Read More

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

It’s Purple Sprouting Broccoli time! 🥦 Yes, it’s April and the start of the season of produce and plenty here in the UK.. We particularly 💜 this sprouted broccoli variety and are very lucky to have an abundance after visiting … Read More


💃 Raise yer hands in the air for a celeriacabration, what a mighty wonderful root it is! 🎉 The star of Feb’s savoury kit, this poor knobbly vegetable has been given the unfair name of The Ugly One’, but we … Read More