Going green…

With the current tidal wave of environmentalism hitting the mainstream media, these past few weeks the discussion around climate change has become a big part of all our lives. While the issues that surround the ongoing eco-crisis are valid and … Read More

The 1 Week Rule – MWM #14

This week for our mid-week pause/mindfulness we’re looking at the issue of what we like to call ‘particular eating’ but what is often called fussy or picky eating, and the anxiety that this can provoke in us parents. 😬 So … Read More

Mealtime Mental Health

🕯️For those who havent been aware, May has been #maternalmentalhealth month and it’s been powerful reading some of the posts out there from all walks of motherhood supporting all forms of mental health awareness – including PND and depression, anxiety and identity/body … Read More

Eat LESS meat – MWM #13

Mid-week mindfulness this week may be a little controversial for some, or seem like we’re trying to push you down a prescribed path… but wait! 👇 We are neither vegetarians nor vegans at Foodini, yet we eat a lot of … Read More

Tea time! MWM #12

Midweek mindfulness is all about those moments where you need to step back and chillax, whether it be because you’ve been on the move and are feeling rushed or because you’re caught up in high emotions! ☕⏰ Tea (or a … Read More

Silent Eating – MWM #11

Mid-week mindfulness this week is perhaps on the surface of it not so easy..silent eating! 🤐 This has come up now because earlier in the week I had a conversation with a friend explaining what the little brass bell we … Read More

Unemotional eating – MWM #10

It’s a mid-week mindful moment and this week it’s all about accepting your feelings and emotions but not bringing them to your plate. 😫😭😠 Like anyone, I most definitely struggle to enjoy my food when I’m upset, worried or feeling … Read More

Stop & Sit -MWM #9

Mid-week mindfulness this week is pretty straight forward – stopping and sitting! 🍴 If you’re anything like us, you can find yourself squeezing in food or quick meals while on the go, or else standing leaning against the counter grabbing … Read More

And breathe…MWM #8

And breathe…our Mid-week mindfulness this week sounds so simple and yet can be so easily forgotten. Last week we talked about that we sometimes get so busy we forget to eat at all or we power on through the hunger … Read More

Stop & eat! – MWM #7

Our mid-week mindfulness this week comes a little late but serves as a good reminder to us as much as anyone else – especially when we’re in the midst of packing & delivery week (plus some exciting meetings and our … Read More